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Learn to Safely and Effectively Coach pregnant + postpartum athletes
with the
Pregnancy and Postpartum athleticism™ coaching certification
Learn to Safely and Effectively Coach pregnant + postpartum athletes
with the
Pregnancy and Postpartum athleticism™ coaching certification
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Should you become A Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach?
No experience required!!
If you are a...

🎯 CrossFit Coach or Group fitness instructor

that hates not knowing how to coach the women in your class beyond “listen to your body” or “don’t do abs."

🎯 Personal Trainer

who wants to retain your clients during pregnancy and postpartum and even increase your hourly rate now that you have more specialized training.

🎯 Gym Owner

that knows adding a women’s specific strength class with qualified coaches would create an a much needed additional revenue source.

🎯 Physical therapist or Practitioner

seeing more and more athletic women in practice, wanting to better understand strength & conditioning and how to progress clients beyond table exercises.

🎯 Tactical Athlete or Coach

that supports people navigating the challenges of returning to duty postpartum.  

🎯 Female athlete

that is in the trenches, navigating this chapter of fitness alone.
You’re in the right place.
The Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coaching Certification will give you the tools, resources and support you need to coach female athletes as they navigate fitness through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond
Exercise modifications and generic guidelines aren’t enough.

Athletes need coaches who know how to guide them through their lifetime of athleticism.

Does this advice sound familiar? 

By The End Of This Certification You'll Be Able To:


Coach athletes through each trimester of pregnancy and stage of postpartum recovery.


Understand core + pelvic health symptoms and know what fitness adjustments to make.


Confidently communicate with clients as a coach who sees the big picture.


Build and create in-person and online offerings that attract clients and generate income.


Effectively write exercise programs for clients that are pregnant, postpartum, or symptomatic.


But More than anything else...
The Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Certification course teaches you how to apply what you’ve learned to the client in front of you. 

Theory, clinical applications, and breathing recommendations only go so far.

We go beyond extreme examples and generic advice to provide a practical training approach and emotionally intelligent coaching style that leaves clients feeling supported and informed during these seasons. 
All while helping you create an income from coaching that helps support whatever your financial goals are. 
As Seen On...
With Evidence Based Education


Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism™ is an online certification course that will connect the dots between pelvic health and athletic performance for pregnant + postpartum athletes. 

  • CrossFit Coaches + Group Fitness Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • ​Physical Therapists
  • ​Athletic Trainers
  • ​Practitioners
  • ​Tactical Athletes + Their Coaches
  • Female Athletes
  • ​Brand New Coaches
  • ​Anyone navigating this chapter ALONE



Retain your pregnant + postpartum clients.
Expand your coaching services.
Be the go-to expert for this population in your community.
The Key Difference between this certification and others?
It Connects The Dots Between Pelvic Health And Athletic Performance During Pregnancy And Postpartum.
This is THE Gold Standard, Evidence-Based Certification for Coaches + Practitioners Who Work With Pregnant and Postpartum Athletes
The Key Difference between this certification and others?
It Connects The Dots Between Pelvic Health And Athletic Performance During Pregnancy And Postpartum.
This is THE Gold Standard, Evidence-Based Certification for Coaches + Practitioners Who Work With Pregnant and Postpartum Athletes
Our Coaches Agree: P&PA Is The Industry Leader In Certifying Pregnant And Postpartum Coaches.
go deeper into the benefits.
client benefits? 

What's included

➤   10 Coaching Modules
We Cover: Athlete Mindset, Scientific Foundation, Injuries, Symptoms + Assessments, Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism, Sport-Specific Considerations, Business Dynamics, and so much more! 
➤   20+ Expert Interviews
Hear interviews with experts in the fields of: Physical therapy, nutrition, obstetrics, strength & conditioning, running, yoga+pilates, and professional athletes who've trained through pregnancy and navigated postpartum.
➤   Completion Guide + Study Group
The course is 100% self paced, however we include an (optional) 60-day pacing guide and access to a virtual study group with built-in accountability, support, and Q&A sessions.
➤   90+ Live Coaching demos
Coaching is an art form and it helps to watch someone else do it. Included in the program are hands-on coaching demos of Bri with real athletes - many of which she had never met before.
➤ Comprehensive Research Library
Curious what the evidence says? Our very own P&PA librarian has compiled over 350 articles related to core + pelvic floor health and fitness. Updated quarterly and searchable!
➤ Actionable assessment model + coaching frameworks
This content goes beyond theory. We give you the tools to apply this knowledge with your very next client.
➤ Programming Templates
Our templates show what programming for pregnancy and postpartum can look like. We also go over progressions through common movements, giving you the confidence to coach through nearly any scenario.
➤ Network Of 2,000+ Coaches To Consult + Collaborate With
Connect, learn, and share resources with hundreds of other coaches and practitioners (from 21 countries) via the active exclusive coach Facebook community. 
➤ Online Directory Profile
Upon course completion, you'll receive a certificate of completion, and you'll be able to reach more clients with a listing in our P&PA Coach directory - an online map that connects athletes to coaches around the world.

Evidence AND Experienced Based

The P&PA Course is based on 15+ years of my experience as a strength and conditioning coach AND all the research and evidence we have at our disposal.
In the last 3+ years more scientific research geared towards female athletes has been released (yay!). We use that to guide the creation of this program. 

I also continue to work with professional athletes, taking note of what is working best and translating that clear, actionable, coaching advice for you. 

We do not ever follow generic or extreme rules here at P&PA. We evolve with the evidence and professional experience. 

That means I update the program as needed. With lifetime access, you get every single update to the course-free of charge. 
Invest In This Program And Know We Will Invest In Your Success As A Coach. 

Reviews From Our coaches

 Join Us and become a coach
 Join Us and become a coach
  • 10 Coaching Modules (VALUE: $2,500)
  • 20 Expert Interviews (VALUE: $2,000)
  • 60-Day Completion Guide (VALUE: $97)
  • ​90+ Real-Time Video Coaching Demos (VALUE: $1,000) 
  • Comprehensive Research Library (VALUE: $297)
  • Network Of 2,000+ Coaches To Consult + Collaborate With 
  • Feature In Our Online Directory of Certified Coaches (VALUE: $297)
  • BONUS: 6 Week Postpartum Program Template (VALUE: $497)
  • BONUS: Template- How To Run Your Own Workshop (VALUE $197)

This Evidence-Based Certification Covers:

Module 1: Introduction & Intention

Learn the sentiment and intention behind the P&PA movement. 

You’ll learn why it’s so important for female athletes in all stages of life to have access to safe and proven training methodology.

Module 2: Athlete Mindset & Fitness Culture

Athletes have a special mindset that is often misunderstood. 

Module 2 exists for that reason. 

Here you'll learn about the psychology of "athlete brain" and how to speak to this mindset and leverage it so you can connect and build trust with your clients. 

Highlights Include: 

✔️ The psychological + culture influences of fitness culture on athletes
✔️ How to leverage athlete brain to work FOR your clients, not against them
✔️ The P&PA Communication framework to build trust and create buy-in 
✔️ 4 case studies to watch coaching communication in action. 

Module 3: Scientific Foundations & Fitness Strategy

In order to fully grasp the importance of and skill set involved with working with pregnant and postpartum athletes, we have to first learn the fundamentals of physiology and how the pelvic floor is critical for function and performance.

We know you may not have a background in exercise physiology so we’ve created an easy to understand framework to observe and address the 5 variables that often influence core and pelvic health considerations. 

Highlights Include: 

✔️ Understanding of the structure and function of the core muscles and pelvic floor. 
✔️ The P&PA Principle and how each “player” impacts core + pelvic floor function. 
✔️ Coaching videos to help you understand different breathing and pressure management strategies and how to apply them to your clients. 
✔️ Expert interview with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Tracy Sher 

Module 4: Core & Pelvic Health Symptoms & Considerations

To better understand the full scope of pregnancy and postpartum athleticism, we have to know the potential core and pelvic health symptoms and what we‘re looking for in the first place!

This module will teach you about core and pelvic health considerations and each of the “players” of the P&PA principle you can manipulate to improve symptoms. 

You’ll walk away feeling confident in addressing these different experiences with your clients (or yourself).

Highlights Include: 

✔️ Understanding the 3 most common experiences for pregnant and postpartum women: Diastasis recti, incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse.  
✔️ The considerations for navigating fitness while experiencing symptoms.
✔️ Real life case studies of coaching athletes managing core +pelvic floor symptoms
✔️ Expert interviews with Practitioners Carrie Pagliano and Munira Hudani 

Module 5: Assessments & Programming

We must understand the basic principles of strength and conditioning before we begin designing programs and coaching athletes during pregnancy and postpartum. 

In Module 5 you’ll learn the basics of program design and all encompassing coaching considerations. 

Our goal here is to get you feeling confident in applying these principles to your coaching and to know how to apply appropriate progressive overload and deload practices for your athletes. 

Highlights Include:

✔️ The simple way to assess your clients without overwhelming them or yourself 
✔️ General strength and conditioning training principles and how to apply them to the client in front of you. 
✔️ Basic program design with The P&PA Coaching Framework
✔️ Pregnancy exercise programming fundamentals 
✔️ The progressive overload framework that I’ve used with thousands of athletes over my coaching career. 
✔️ Case study on returning to running postpartum 

Module 6: Pregnancy Athleticism

Pregnancy is a temporary chapter that brings with it many considerations from structural to physiological - not just movement modifications and choices.

In this module you’ll discover how to coach a pregnant athlete beyond modifications (or telling her to "listen to her body"). 

Highlights Include:

✔️ The key guidelines coaches must know when working with pregnant clients. 
✔️ Themes and adjustments for each trimester 
✔️ Cues for adjusting core and pelvic health strategy, positioning, periodization and training applications.
✔️ Movement demonstrations for 18 common exercises and how to adjust strategy during pregnancy 
✔️ A plug and play framework you can use to build your own pregnancy program 

Module 7: Postpartum Athleticism

Coaches are often the first to see a new mom in a fitness setting and we have to act as the first line of defense, a quality guiding voice, and a resource for recovering and reintegrating. 

In this module, you’ll learn how to approach training in the postpartum chapter as well as knowing how to progress, regress, adapt, and lead her toward improved function and performance.

Highlights include: 

✔️ What being “cleared” does and does not mean for your client 
✔️ Themes and considerations for each season of postpartum healing and how to adapt it based on athletic readiness 
✔️ How to assess your clients for diastasis postpartum
✔️ Movement demonstration videos for common exercises and how to adjust strategy postpartum 
✔️ A plug and play framework you can use to build your own 6 week postpartum program 

Module 8: Specific Applications

Our clients are pursuing a variety of athletic endeavors outside of strength training. The foundation of what you have learned can be leveraged and applied to a variety of fitness interests, sports, and demands. 

In this module you’ll learn how to apply what you’ve learned to the following specialities: 

✔️ High level athletes 
✔️ Running and endurance sports 
✔️ Yoga and pilates 
✔️ Tactical athletes
✔️ Combat sports 
✔️ Dance
✔️ Fitness after a miscarriage or pregnancy loss 
✔️ Group classes

We bring in experts from different fields to provide further context and clarity so you walk away knowing the considerations and thought processes behind each specialty. 

Module 9: Coaching the Whole Person

There are so many components of motherhood that impact fitness, health, and overall well being. 

As coaches, we must recognize that our influence and education can extend beyond providing workouts and exercises. 

In this module, you’ll learn to coach with emotional intelligence and understand how to guide conversations around weight loss/gain, mental health, social media, and body image within your given scope of practice.

Highlights Include: 

✔️ Coaching the whole person without an agenda
✔️ The importance of being curious, not judgemental
✔️ Interviews with an R.D., family therapist, and physical therapist 

Module 10: Coaching Options & Business Implementation

It’s time to take what you know and apply it in a way that works for your life and your coaching style. 

Maybe you’re a brand new coach or a seasoned one looking to expand. This module you’ll find out how to take action in your community with presence and passion while learning the keys to implementation and connection.

Highlights include: 

✔️ How to ditch imposter syndrome and take massive action
✔️ Crafting your coaching offer, including options for 1-1, group classes, specialty classes, or remote coaching 
✔️ Tips to network with other professionals in your community 
✔️ Practical ways to market a class specific to this population. 
✔️ Expert interview with Shante Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro

join and Get these bonuses:

3 Weeks Of Live Q&A
Sessions With Bri + Team

Join us inside The P&PA Facebook Community

Our private, coaches-only, Facebook group is a fantastic community filled with coaches on a similar path as you. If you get stuck on how to progress a client or want to bounce ideas off a fellow coach there will be like minded coaches to connect with, as well as the entire P&PA Team. 

With myself, my team, and our worldwide community of coaches, you’ll feel supported as you implement what you’ve learned in your community and online. 


  • 3 weeks of live Q&A sessions to make sure you’re getting your questions answered on the material or your coaching experiences. 
  • An active + supportive Facebook community filled with fellow coaches, the P&PA team, and myself to make sure you’re getting unstuck instead of guessing on your own. 
  • A suggested 60-day completion guide to help you finish the material in a matter of months instead of feeling off track and overwhelmed. This is 100% optional if you’d rather continue on the self-paced road 
How To Start A Postpartum
Program in your community

Run A Successful 6-Week Postpartum Series

One of the fastest ways to put your new certification to good use is to sell a postpartum specific program (postpartum is forever). This special P&PA Bonus will teach you everything you need to know to start, run, and promote this type of class in your community.


  • How to structure + program the workouts
  • ​How to partner with a gym or find a space 
  • ​Marketing strategies to get people in the door 
  • ​How to upsell your clients into another class or private coaching 
  • ​Logistical questions like payments, communication, and scheduling

Help Change The Fitness Experience For Pregnant + Postpartum Athletes!

Industry Professionals Who Recommend Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism™:

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Featuring Interviews With 20+

Leaders In Their Fields, including...

Featuring Interviews With 20+ Leaders In Their Fields, including...

Danelle Dickson, PT, DPT, OCS
Working With Dancers
Dr. Lamia Zafrani
Pregnancy Considerations
Laura Ligos
Pregnancy, Postpartum Nutrition
Tom Delong
S&C Programming
Megan Gephart
Supporting Tactical Athletes
Dr. Anne Collins Duch
Yoga Considerations
Tracy Sher PT, DPT, CSCS
Core + Pelvic Health 101
Shante Cofield
Branding + Business Voice
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 Join Us and become a coach
  • 10 Coaching Modules (VALUE: $2,500)
  • 20 Expert Interviews (VALUE: $2,000)
  • 60-Day Completion Guide (VALUE: $97)
  • ​90+ Real-Time Video Coaching Demos (VALUE: $1,000) 
  • Comprehensive Research Library (VALUE: $297)
  • Network Of 2,000+ Coaches To Consult + Collaborate With 
  • Feature In Our Online Directory of Certified Coaches (VALUE: $297)
  • BONUS: 6 Week Postpartum Program Template (VALUE: $497)
  • BONUS: Template- How To Run Your Own Workshop (VALUE $197)

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